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Computer safety depends on having antivirus software installed in your machine.

Every computer and internet user needs to have the latest antivirus software programs installed on their computer.

Programs such as McAfee and Norton are proven and respected names within the computer security industry. These companies continuously monitor and update their respective antivirus software applications as new and more dangerous viruses are released. Note that McAfee and Norton tend to slow down older pc’s, so look-out for alternative software with a smaller signature.

An alternative to the industry standard Anti-virus is Avast Anti-Virus.  This product is highly rated and recommended by PCMag, for excellent ratings in their anti-phishing and malware blocking tests etc.

If using online banking, please ensure that you are running an up-to-date virus protection product. Barclays and HSBC offer free downloadable Anti-virus software for their customers.

Therefore, the answer to the above question is ABSOLUTELY!  Don’t be without it.

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